Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Class Goal

We met our class goal today by filling our fish bowl to the top with tokens!  Everyone has worked so hard to be safe, respectful, and responsible both inside and outside the classroom to help earn tokens.  Yesterday, the class earned 25 tokens in PE!  Mrs. Eastman gave us a HUGE compliment on how cooperative and respectful everyone was.

We will be celebrating tomorrow with electronic day.  Your child may bring in an electronic from home to use for the last part of our day.  If you do not want your child to bring in a device from home, we will have chromebooks available in the classroom to use.  Please remind your child that the games and/or music from their personal devices need to be school appropriate.


Friday, September 15, 2017

Weekly Updates

Hi All!

We survived our first full week of school even with the hot, sticky weather.  So many great things have been happening in our classroom.

Math- We have reviewed place value and have worked on rounding numbers through the hundred thousands.  Next week we will review estimation strategies and then move to mulitdigit addition and subtraction.  We will also start our math skills time.

Students logged into their Dreambox and Xtra-math accounts this week. They have login names and pin numbers for both of these.  We are working to complete password cards in their google drive so they will have access to their passwords both at school and at home.  

Writing- Students created their own heart maps in their writer's notebooks to represent people, places, and things that are special to them. We have practiced building our writing stamina by choosing topics from our heart maps and free writing about those topics.  Next week we will start to personalize our writer's notebooks and jump into our narrative writing unit.  If you could send your child to school with a few pictures for their writer's notebooks by next Thursday, that would be helpful!  Please make sure they can cut and glue these pictures.

Reading- Over the last few weeks, we have been working to establish our reader's workshop expectations and routines.  Students have practiced choosing just right spaces to work, just right books, and have practiced building their reading stamina. Next week, we will start to discuss literary elements.

Mystery Skype- Earlier in the week we had the chance to practice a mystery skype with our 5th grade Tech Kid friends.  We each picked a state (which ended up being the same! ) and had to ask each other “narrowing” questions until we were able to make a guess about which state it could be.  Next week we will start to mystery skype with other classes around the United States!

Genius Hour- Lighthouse 4th grade started our Friday Genius Hour time with a spaghetti tower design challenge.  Last week students got into groups of 3 and had to build the tallest freestanding tower out of spaghetti that could support a marshmallow in only 18 minutes.  This week, students had a chance to plan, sketch and then build their towers.  We had WAY more success this week and discussed the importance of trial and error, sharing ideas, and planning.  

Book Orders- Please check out the book order tab above if you are interested in placing an order.  Book orders are due this Friday, September 22nd. There are directions to follow on the page!  Please email with any questions.   

Open House- Please join us for open house at MBS next Thursday, September 21st from 6:30-7:30.
Please don’t hesitate to email or call with any questions.  Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Carney  

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Friday, September 1, 2017

Carney’s Crew Class News and Updates  

Hi Everyone!

It has been so great getting to know your children these last few days.  We have a fabulous class this year and have so many fun things to look forward to!  

This week, we have played several “get to know you” games and have learned about what makes each of us special and unique.  We have reviewed school rules and are working on a booklet of ways that we can be safe, respectful and responsible around the school.  Yesterday, we learned about our brains and how mistakes actually help our brains grow! It has been a little bit of a zig zag schedule this week with assemblies and getting to know one another.  Next week, we will start to follow our normal schedule a little more.  

Please be sure to subscribe to our class blog on the right side of this page! Use the tabs above to see our daily schedule, unified arts schedule and other helpful information.  Be sure to check the blog often to stay up to date with things happening in our classroom.

Upcoming Dates-
School Picture Day- September 14th
Open House- September 21st, 6:30-7:30pm
District Wide Early Release Day- September 27th, 12:45pm

Please feel free to contact me anytime by email- kari.carney@colchestersd.org and/or school phone- 264-6909.

Enjoy the long weekend!  

Mrs. Carney

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Cardboard Carnival Tomorrow

Hi All!

Just a reminder that our Cardboard Carnival will be tomorrow afternoon from 1:50-2:50 in the lighthouse 4th grade classrooms.  We would love to see you and show off all of our hard work!

Other reminders and upcoming dates-

Fly Up Day- On Friday, June 9th, students will find out their 5th grade teachers and will get to spend an hour in their new classrooms.

Final Math Assessment- We will have our unit 8 math test next Tuesday, June 6th.

Shelburne Museum- Our Shelburne Museum field trip is on Tuesday, June 13th.  The entire fourth grade will be going.  Permission slips went home on Tuesday of this week and are due next Friday, June 9th.  We need chaperones, so please consider helping out!

Bayside Day- Our Bayside field day will be on Wednesday, June 14th.  Permission slips went home this week and are due back by next Friday, June 9th.

BBQ- Our end of year BBQ will be on Thursday, June 15th at 12:05.  Information on the BBQ went home this week.  There was more information on the paper if you are going to join us and eat!

Last day of school- Friday, June 16th @12:45

Hope to see you tomorrow at the Cardboard Carnival!
-Mrs. Carney

Thursday, May 4, 2017


Hi Everyone!

Happy Spring!  It is so great to be back in the classroom and see everyone.  I can't believe all of the growing that happened while I was out.  I think all of the kids are officially taller than me now!  

This has been a long week for students with all of the SBAC testing.  I am so proud of how hard everyone has worked and the amount of effort everyone has put into their tests.  We have one last part of the SBAC math test to complete tomorrow morning and then we will be finished!  We will resume our normal academic schedule next week.

All 4th graders will be taking the science NECAP test the week of May 15th.  

Please keep an eye out for papers coming home tomorrow, as they will include information about upcoming field trips.

Enjoy the sunshine!
Mrs. Carney

Friday, March 24, 2017

Pajama Day and Disney movie, Growing Up Wild, Today

Dear Families,

We have updated our movie! Today we will be watching the G-Rated Disney movie, Growing Up Wild. (Synopsis Below.) I will be making popcorn and students will enjoy their reward for filling their fish token bucket! Have a great weekend!

Growing Up Wild, G
Life is an adventure - especially for a newborn animal who has so much to learn. "Growing Up Wild" takes audiences to the wildest corners of the planet to tell the tales of five courageous animals as they tackle the very first challenges of their young lives. With a little guidance from sage family members, each must figure out how and where to find food, while learning to recognize the very real threat of danger. From their first steps of exploring their world to their final steps into independence, "Growing Up Wild" reveals the triumphs and setbacks of five young lives in which instinct, parental lessons, and trial & error ultimately define their destinies. Featuring the stunning imagery and iconic storytelling that makes Disneynature's big-screen adventures an inspiring movie-going experience, "Growing Up Wild", brings home a special look at how similar and different these young lives can be.
Written by (C) 2016 Disney Enterprises

Mrs. Alling